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Nov 16 2018 | Mike Peña
As the country struggles to restore civility in public discourse, universities are finding it no less difficult to foster open dialogue about polarizing issues in a way that respects all sides. Many campuses seem to be falling into the stereotype of elite liberal institutions where conservative...
Nov 7 2018 | Mike Peña
Emily Chapman, an assistant professor affiliated with the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, is teaching a course next quarter called The Ethics of Elections (POLISCI 132A). Yeah, there's going to be a lot to talk about.
Oct 17 2018 | Mike Peña
In 2017, a writer came to Stanford with her book project in hand, next to no connections on campus and a thirst for deeper insights into topics at the heart of her would-be bestseller. A year later, that writer is touring the country, confronting people with difficult ethical questions raised in...
Sep 21 2018 | Mike Peña
Collin Anthony has joined the Ethics Center as its new Associate Director for Undergraduate Outreach. In that role, Collin is developing programming initiatives for undergrads across Stanford with the aim to create opportunities for ethical reflection outside the traditional classroom setting.  
Jun 20 2018 | Gabriela Romero
The 11th annual Howard M. Garfield Forum featured a panel entitled “Apocalyptic AI: Religion, Artificial Intelligence, and the End of the World (as We Know It)” addressing the social and religious implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Tuesday event, co-sponsored by the Department of...