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Fellowship Programs

Postdoc group shot
Photo by Christine Baker

The Center’s postdoctoral fellowship programs have grown since our first two fellows arrived in 2007.  Our fellows are involved in teaching, research, mentoring undergraduates, and building an interdisciplinary ethics community across the campus.

Meet the current cohort

Learn about our Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

General Ethics Postdoctoral Fellows

Since our first cohort in 2007, our General Ethics Postdoctoral Fellows participate in the intellectual life of the Center for Ethics in Society (attend weekly workshops; events; professional training opportunities), teach one class per year, interact with undergraduates in the Ethics in Society Program, and contribute to an interdisciplinary ethics community across the campus. These Fellows, all trained in political theory or philosophy, have normative research interests spanning diverse issues including environmental ethics, global justice, education, immigration and inequality.

Interdisciplinary Ethics Postdoctoral Fellows

Interdisciplinary Ethics Fellows are matched with a partner center to enhance their normative scholarship through engagement with scholars from social science, life science, natural science, and engineering. The program is rooted in the commitment of the Center for Ethics in Society to bringing ethical reflection to bear on pressing social problems. The premise of this program is that the normative scholarship of our fellows will be enhanced by engagement with empirically-oriented scholars. To that end, each fellow in the program will be matched with a partner research center at Stanford that is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, including HAI and other campus centers depending on applicants' interests.

Embedded EthiCS Postdoctoral Fellows

Stanford Embedded EthiCS is a collaborative program that embeds the teaching of ethics directly into the core undergraduate courses of Stanford’s computer science curriculum. Working in collaboration with CS faculty and graduate students, the fellow creates curricular materials, course assignments, and teaches ethics modules across three to six courses. The Fellow also participates in the intellectual life of Ethics in Society and HAI.